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Large Audio Package

2x DB Technologies Opera 15 Powered Speakers
1x DB Technologies Sub 15D Subwoofer
2x Speaker Stacking Poles
1x Allen & Heath Zed 10 Mixer
1x Shure Beta 57A Wired Microphone

Supports AUX cable or Bluetooth inputs

*All needed cables will be provided

This package is great for covering a large area or for live music. Great for wedding receptions, meetings, solo artists or bands, special occasions, private parties, business or corporate functions, charity events and more!
$380 CAD
Photo of the contents of the Large Audio Package, 2 DB Technologies Opera 15 Powered Speakers, 1 DB Technologies Sub 15D Subwoofer, 2 Speaker Stands, Allen & Heath ZED 10 Mixer, 1 Shure Beta 57A Wired Microphone.DB Tech wired speakerShure Beta 57A Wired Microphone3 legged speaker standDB Technologies subwooferImage of a 6 channel Allen and Heath audio mixer

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