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Cloud CX-A850 Amplifier

The CX-A850 is an eight-channel power amplifier with a typical output of 50 watts per channel into a 4W load. The unit features extremely low distortion and low noise together with a high slew rate. Full circuit protection is provided and the load is disconnected if the heat sink overheats or any DC is detected at the output. A five-second switch-on delay operates to avoid any switching thumps or other extraneous signals reaching the speaker system. The CX-A850 also has Dynamic Clipping Protection (DCP) that will automatically reduce the signal level when the amplifier is driven into clipping thus limiting any clipping distortion to a low level. All eight input amplifiers are balanced and have 3-pin plug in screw terminal type input connectors with adjacent level controls, all mounted on the rear panel. Input signal routing switches are provided and allow the unit to operate in many configurations whilst retaining simple input connections. Opened box to take photos but never been used, still in original packaging.

CA$ 1,250.00 CAD
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